Give yourself a break.

We live in a world that glorifies being busy.  Somehow, being overwrought with too much to do – and working around the clock – have become badges of honor.  Although leaders acknowledge the importance of work-life balance, many still haven’t totally bought into the value and wisdom of taking a real break and disconnecting from work.

As a leader, you’re only as good as your energy allows you to be.  When you’re depleted – physically, mentally, or emotionally – it means you have nothing left to give to those around you. To continue to operate in this state does an injustice to you as well as those you lead.

Giving yourself a break – a real break, for at least a week – helps shift up your brain patterns and allow for more creative thoughts and solutions to manifest.  It helps you get re-grounded and refuel that precious energy that makes you such a good leader.  It also sets a good example for others.  When your people see you taking a break, they’ll feel more welcome to do it themselves.  (Remember, the opposite is also true.)

This month, commit to take the downtime you need and deserve!