The Authentic Leadership Alliance has strong expertise managing challenging communications issues for global corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Peter ThonisAuthentic Leadership Alliance partner, leads the Crisis Communications and Issues Management practice.  The Alliance has deep and broad experience with a range of companies and issues, helping organization manage and solve problems that require meticulous, creative planning and high-performance execution.

  Complex issues that require communications expertise can include:

  • Avoiding and repairing reputation damage
  • Announcing important news
  • Developing strategies to build, enhance and protect brands
  • Fending off hostile labor campaigns
  • Thwarting shareholder activism
  • Managing product recalls and customer service complaints
  • Building alliances and external support systems in difficult circumstances

Growing and protecting brand reputation can be critical to your organization's success.  The Authentic Leadership Alliance can help you build your brand, and ensure that the reputational goodwill you have built with your stakeholders is not destroyed when difficult situations arise.  We offer strategic positioning and consultation, message development, media training and strategy execution, depending on the client’s needs.