The Authentic Leadership Alliance provides speakers for a variety of needs and venues.  We specialize in keynote, inspirational/motivational and business speeches, seminars, panels and presentations.

We also moderate panels, conduct on-stage interviews, and design and facilitate events and meetings.

Whether it’s a 40-minute keynote speech at an annual conference, a panel discussion at a regional meeting or a seminar targeted to a smaller group, we pride ourselves on customizing our speeches, products and presentations to meet your specific needs.  If you seek a leadership speaker on a topic outside our direct realm of expertise, we have the ability to tap our partner organizations to find you the right leadership speaker on the right subject.

We tailor our speaking engagements and seminars to address the needs of the client/audience.  Below is a sampling of some of the topics addressed in recent engagements.

Building Trust Through Authentic Communication

  • Building trust is the single most important thing that leaders and organizations do.  It underpins all effective interactions and enables teams to move forward with greater speed and confidence.  Learn about 8 essential trust-building communication strategies that will unlock the potential of your team and organization.

Authentic Leadership: Are You The Real Deal?

  • The importance of credibility in effectively leading others; how identifying and leading from your ‘personal center’ drives credibility and inspires others; the power of authenticity as a compass for your leadership, career and life.

Leading Change

  • How to help your team move through the change process; helping them get clear on vision, strategy and execution; staying centered through periods of organizational change and push-back; the importance of communicating throughout the process and listening with your eyes as well as your ears.

Leadership Strategies for Women

  • Understanding the forces that shape a woman’s leadership perspective, and the critical skills and behaviors essential for career success - whether in a corporate, nonprofit or entrepreneurial organization.

Communicating for Success

  • The importance of clear, compelling communication to professional, leadership and organizational success; the five essential communication practices that every leader should know; how to find your authentic voice as a leader, clarify your personal brand and effectively communicate it.

Fearless Reinvention

  • Recognizing circumstances that call us to reinvent and move along a different path toward greater success and fulfillment; driving fear out of the reinvention process; how to achieve clarity, conviction and a well-thought-out strategy; the difference between reinventing “in place” versus making wholesale change.