August 2012: Don’t underestimate the power of intuition.

Each of us is born with an amazing gift: intuition. It’s our internal navigation system; a source of knowledge from within.  It is constantly sending us messages that tell us whether we’re making the right decisions or moving in the right direction.  These messages come in the form of a hunch, a sense about something; a “gut feel.”

Many of us fail to realize the full power of our intuition because we’re either too frenetic to hear it or we don’t trust it enough to act.  We discount it. We worry that it’s wrong.  We second-guess ourselves.   And in the end, we allow our heads to overrule it – often to the detriment of ourselves and our organizations.

Today, take a moment to write down all the times you have had an intuitive hunch. Note where you listened to your gut. What happened? Note where you didn't listen to your gut. What happened?

What does this tell you about your own intuitive power?  Your intuition is there to serve you.  So let it!