July 2013 - Face Reality Head-On

How many times do you have “meetings after the meetings” when all the real issues get discussed? Unfortunately, this is the norm in many organizations as people avoid the “undiscussables” – the elephant in the room that everyone knows is there, but is too risky to openly acknowledge.  The truth is that thosereal issues, those elephants and undiscussables, are an essential part of your reality – whether it’s a non-performer who is considered untouchable, a credibility issue with the boss, or a disagreement about a strategy.  Maybe it’s the truth about your eroding market share, toxic culture or the fact that you’re losing good people.  Whatever the case, until you face reality head-on and are willing to put these delicate yet vital issues on the table, your leadership, team and business are at risk.

Today, resolve to step up and tackle these issues directly.  Remember, you are not out to win a popularity contest; you are there to serve your constituents in the most effective way possible. 

If you engage with humility, positive intent and a collaborative spirit, you can put the elephants out to pasture where they belong.