Find Your Story

Human beings relate to stories.  That’s a fact, and it dates back to the days of cavemen.  Before we had any formal means to communicate, stories were used to teach, pass down family heritage and motivate others to act.  Even ancient hieroglyphics told stories!

In business and in life, storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with people.  We each have our own unique life experience, our own unique stories. The key is to mine them, practice them, and use them to convey important messages, deepen relationships and hold an audience.  There’s nothing like a good story to break up the monotony of a traditional presentation that’s loaded with data.  It brings your interaction to a deeper human level, where others view as a real person, not just a presenter, an executive or whatever label they’ve given you.

We can also tell the stories of others.  The news is a great source of interesting stories of heroism, overcoming challenges, teamwork and other themes that can inspire and engage others.

So what’s your story?  Today, think about the experiences you’ve had that can become part of your communication arsenal!