Leverage the power of presence.

We talk a lot about executive presence – credibility, connection and charisma.  This is about gravitas --how you engender confidence and create followership.

But there are two other types of presence that are important, too.  One is physical presence – the value of actually being there for and with your people. With the pervasiveness and ease of use of technology, it’s tempting to lead from behind a computer screen. Don’t underestimate the importance of personal interaction where you can read body language and build deeper, more authentic relationships.

Then there is mental presence.  How often do we find ourselves distracted by thoughts of things to come – such as an important meeting or the things we need to get done that day?  Or, distracted by things from the past – an interaction that didn’t go quite right, something we forgot to do or say.  Whenever our minds are focused on the future or the past, we’re not focused on the present.  People can sense that, and it not only impacts our ability to retain information, but also the connection we make with others. 

Today, reflect on the strength of your executive, physical and mental presence.  Are you working to ensure all three are in balance?