Look for the good.

Do you believe that you live in a friendly or hostile universe? Albert Einstein asserted that this is the most important decision you can make, and we agree. 

This basic belief frames our perspective, our reactions, our behaviors, and drives the emotions we feel every day.

A pessimistic person believes they live in a hostile world where they are surrounded by adversaries.  They begin with a negative mindset and focus on the downsides of people and situations.  Disappointments send a pessimist into a downward spiral, even a depression.

An optimistic person believes that they are surrounded by essentially friendly and well-intentioned people, and seeks to find the best outcome and greatest good from the circumstances around them. An optimist perceives setbacks as meaningful and uses these situations as an opportunity to grow.

In the workplace – and at home – there will always be challenges and imperfections. It is easy to let them eclipse all that is good.  If you allow this to happen, you transmit a steady stream of negative messages and emit negative energy, which has a significant impact on those around you – never mind your own health and wellbeing!

Optimism can be learned.  Begin by challenging yourself to find meaning and purpose in every situation – especially the difficult ones.  Resolve to have a more balanced perspective, taking stock of the positives as well as the negatives.  Remind yourself to express your appreciation for the things that are going right.

Today, look for the good around you, and wake up the optimist inside!