Up-Level Your Image.

A wise executive once said, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

The idea of dressing for success is as old as most boardrooms, but still, we often forget the power of curating an image that helps move us toward our goals.  Your appearance can affect how your co-workers treat you, how your team views you, and how your boss and others in the senior ranks perceive you.   

Don’t let your image get in the way of your next promotion.  Avoid anything that can be described as "too.” Too short, too tight, too revealing, too old, too frumpy and too flashy are all styles to avoid if you're hoping to advance to the next level.  As a general rule of thumb, think polished.  Classic.  Tailored.  Slightly understated.

Also, be mindful of your office/organization culture.  Workers whose style of dress doesn't quite fit can be seen as less serious or effective than their better-dressed peers, and can be passed over when it's time for a promotion. 

What about your hair, face and other grooming choices? Even the classiest suit can't dress up an unkempt, unruly, frumpy or too-young hairstyle, glaring roots, chewed-down nails, visible tattoos and unusual piercings, excessive facial hair or overdone makeup. Your image includes the whole package, so assess your grooming style and see if fits your career aspirations.  Remember, you serve as the face of the organization, and managers will be looking for someone who has “the look.”

Time is in short supply these days.  People draw conclusions about us based on snippets, soundbites and quick visual impressions.  What kind of an impression are you making?