Consider a Re-Boot.

When an electronic device is misbehaving, the first rule of thumb is to re-boot --- turn it off, let it rest a moment, then turn it back on.  Usually this simple step helps clear out the static and return things to good working order.

As we move into a new year, it’s a great time to consider a personal re-boot:  an intentional effort to pause, shut down, think about priorities and decide what you want to start, stop and continue doing in 2018.  This can apply to any aspect of your life. 

Pausing to take stock helps you gain clarity on what matters most to you.  In essence, it helps you clear out the static and start with a fresh perspective.

Re-booting needn’t be complex or time consuming.  All it takes is a quiet space, a couple of hours of uninterrupted time, and a commitment to venture inward to consider what you want to leave behind, change, or carry forward in this new year.  Consider these questions in the context of your work life, your home life and personal relationships.  Write down your decisions and keep them in a visible place to serve as a daily reminder. Go through your calendar and place reminders or action steps throughout the year to help ensure that you fulfill these important promises to yourself.

Today, commit to spending some focused time re-booting to make the most of 2018!