Build loyalty through humility.

A wise person once said that if serving is beneath you, then leading is above you.  Indeed.

Have you ever been inspired to follow an arrogant, self-centered leader?  Of course not.  You feel like a pawn in their game – simply a means to an end.

The ones you want to follow – the ones who earn loyalty at all levels - understand that their role is to serve; to provide vision, guidance, and support. They put others first.

Sadly, many leaders get intoxicated with being in a power position, losing sight of the people that got them to where they are, and forgetting that their primary responsibility is to serve their teams, colleagues and the mission/organization at large.  They lead with arrogance instead of humility.

Being humble does not mean putting yourself down or allowing others to roll over you.  It does not mean being weak.  It’s a quiet confidence and acknowledgment that no matter how good you are, there is always room to learn and improve.  In fact, true leadership humility only comes when one is comfortable enough in their own skin to openly ask for feedback (and act on it), confront their prejudices, truly listen, and admit that they don’t have all the answers.

Humility does not mean lacking in confidence.  In fact, to be effective as a leader, you need both humility and confidence.   It takes humility to truly acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers; and confidence to make and stand by your decisions, put top talent in place and trust them to do their jobs.

Today, pause and ask, “am I operating from a place of genuine humility?”