January 2012: It’s all about follow-through.

The start of a new year often means new plans and commitments.  With twelve months stretching out before us, it seems there is endless time to work on our goals.  It’s easy to procrastinate or allow urgent tasks to supersede the important ones.  Remember that the most compelling commitments, aspirations and intentions mean nothing if they aren’t backed by action. 

As you gear up for 2012, take a look at what you aspire to do and what you’ve committed to others.  Think about what’s most important to the advancement of your broader objectives.  Then, earmark time on your calendar to work on those things every week, beginning now.  Don’t worry about whether you make giant strides each week; the key is to make steady progress and keep your priorities top-of-mind to ensure follow-through.

Indeed, the ability to set and then successfully execute a vision or plan is the mark of a great leader, whether you’re leading others or leading your life.