Choose Your Confidantes‎ Wisely

As leaders, it's important that we have trusted confidantes --‎ people we can talk to about our struggles and frustrations, and with whom we can brainstorm ideas and strategies. 

But we must choose well. A poorly-selected confidante can wreak havoc on our perceptions and ultimate success as leaders. 

When a difficult scenario arises, seek out someone you trust who is not personally affected by your situation. This will help ensure that they aren't working a personal agenda while they give you advice and counsel. Remember that an advisor's perspective can be tainted by their own needs, wants and feelings. ‎Similarly, avoid "yes men" who you know will agree with you. Although it feels good in the moment, it prevents you from gaining a balanced and reasoned perspective and seeing the whole picture. 

Remember, the quality of the input you receive impacts your perceptions, actions and outcomes. Today, think about the people you've brought into your inner circle. Ask yourself, "do they have a vested interest in my situation which could affect their objectivity? Have they shown a pattern of always agreeing with me?"