Put Your Audience's Needs Before Your Own

Many leaders want to be more compelling presenters. Often they are so focused on what they're trying to say that they overlook a key strategic consideration: the needs and wants of their audience.

One of the reasons why presenters fail to hit the mark is because they've missed crucial points of connection with their audience. They may have misjudged the audience's level of awareness and understanding of a subject, overlooked burning issues or concerns that are weighing on their audience's mind, or misjudged what the audience feels is crucial to a successful outcome.

The key is to meet them where they are, not where you are. ‎Help make your next meeting or presentation more effective by asking yourself a key question: what does this group need, want or expect from me during this interaction? ‎ If you aren't clear on the answer, start asking some questions until you feel you have a handle on it. Keep this at the forefront of your thinking as you craft your presentation or plan your meeting, and see how engaging and compelling you can be!