Everything about you speaks.

As leaders, we tend to focus a great deal on words – spoken and written.  Indeed, words are critical forms of communication.  But they are only a part of the communication equation.  Other things about you speak even louder than your words.  Your tone says more.  Your facial expression and body position say more.  Your actions say more. 

Your physical appearance also speaks volumes.  Do you look pulled together, composed and sharp?  Or do you look a little frayed around the edges, unkempt or stressed? Studies show that these things are powerful shapers of your leadership brand and image.  And in times of change or crisis, your physical appearance communicates how well you are navigating and coping with the change. This impacts the confidence that others have in your ability to effectively lead in a dynamic environment.

Remember that when you enter a room, you are speaking long before a word leaves your mouth.  Everything about you speaks. Today, take stock in what your body language, actions and physical appearance are saying about you.  Are they conveying the right message?