Don’t resolve to do something different. Resolve to do something better.

As we turn the page on a new year, the focus tends to be on setting new goals, making new choices, creating change. These good intentions often fall to an inevitable fate, slipping away like sandcastles on shore. Before we know it, our “resolutions” have vanished because big change is hard and requires more than an intention to take hold.

We often overlook the fact that change doesn’t have to be dramatic to be impactful.  In fact, you will increase the chances of making your change stick if you take small steps forward, building on what you already have. This creates confidence and momentum that help propel and sustain the modifications you’re trying to make.

You have strengths and qualities that are already at the core of you and your leadership.  What if you became more focused and purposeful about something you already do well?  How could you leverage that strength more meaningfully to make a greater difference to your relationships and your work? It’s human nature to focus more on our weaknesses than our strengths.  Today, consider which assets you can “bring up a notch” to benefit your family, your colleagues and your business.  It could be the best resolution you’ve ever made.