Don’t sit on performance issues.

It is staggering how many times we come across leaders who are avoiding performance issues on their teams.  They know someone isn’t cutting it, and yet they avoid having the crucial conversations.  They allow the sub-standard performance to continue under the guise of giving the person another (and another, and another) chance.

There comes a time when you know that there is a talent mismatch; that you’ve put a person in a role that does not play to their strengths, or that they simply cannot meet expectations.  This person is a liability to you and the organization, and you are doing them (and their colleagues) a disservice by refusing to address it head-on.  Everybody has their sweet spot: areas where they excel.  If someone is not excelling on your team, you need to help them move to a place where they can shine.

As a leader, surrounding yourself with top talent is job #1.  It is the crucial factor in accomplishing key organizational objectives and enabling you to enjoy greater work-life balance.  When you have mediocre talent on your team, you will have to work harder and longer (often shifting into micromanagement) to get the job done right. You will second-guess the output of the team, and often find yourself settling for okay when you know you could have great.

What are you waiting for?  Today, resolve to take action on that nagging performance issue that you know needs to be addressed.  You and your organization will be better for it.