Develop an attitude of gratitude.

There is a “gratitude movement” brewing; an emerging realization that by actively appreciating the good things, we can transform our lives, relationships and careers.  It’s so easy and (unfortunately) natural for us to focus on what’s wrong…what’s missing…what needs to change.  

As we move into a new year, consider the possibility that life --- your job, your team, your marriage, your company – may have a plethora of positives that are hidden beneath the shadows; positives that when recognized and verbalized, can change your outlook and your relationships.

I am not suggesting turning a blind eye to issues that need attention, but more equal “air play” of the good stuff.  A better balance.

When was the last time you told a direct report, boss, friend, spouse or child what you appreciate about them?  How often do you intentionally take stock of the blessings in your life? Just the act of doing these simple things can shift your perspective as well as your mood.

As you relate to the world – your world – as a happier, more grateful human being, you will see that others relate to you differently.  As a leader, you can set a new tone of positivity that can energize and motivate your troops.

Begin your journey of gratitude today. Reach out to 5 people (a mix of personal and professional), and tell them what you appreciate about them.  See how you feel….and how they react!