Put wind in their sails.

One of the most vital responsibilities of leadership is to motivate and inspire others. We call it “putting wind in their sails” -- enabling your people to move forward faster, with energy and enthusiasm.

You are only as good as the work of your team, so think about how to motivate your people to stretch and reach their full potential while going the extra mile for you and the organization. Empower your people to truly own their jobs. Practice effective delegation, managing to milestones, not details. Stay out of the weeds! Remember the 4:1 ratio of feedback: it takes 4 positive comments to offset a single critical one. ‎And bear in mind that public recognition, a personal note of thanks, or advocacy higher up the chain can be more motivating to an employee than a simple financial reward. Everyone has their hot buttons: things that frustrate them and things that delight them. Make it a point to understand these things in your team members, and it will be easier to keep them motivated.

Today, ask yourself, “what more can I do to put wind in their sails?”